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I am a clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient psychic.  That is, I see, hear and feel - from within - past, present and future events.

Many years ago, when I realized this was possible for me, I began my journey to develop this ability further. Today, it is my passion.

Why schedule a psychic reading with me?

A life is not just a series of random events; there is order, structure, meaning and purpose. But sometimes the noise, distractions and desperate situations of life are just too much, leading to confusion, fear and poor decision making. Eventually, we lose confidence in our ability to see the road ahead in our own life.


I have a sensitivity to see into your life - to see beyond your present situation - to find order among the chaos and to find hope in your future.

Everyone has psychic ability to some degree. I am fortunate to have an abundance of more pronounced psychic energy. I have spent years developing and crafting this skill.  After all, a gifted singer must still work to keep their talent sharp. 

I can help you rekindle an awareness of your life in order for you to move forward with confidence and a positive attitude as your life unfolds.


Also, I’ve come to believe we share this space with the surviving consciousness of the departed - our deceased loved ones. Therefore, I do connect people on this side with deceased loved ones whenever possible.

A psychic reading is a look at your life ~ without criticism and judgment

Together we can explore your soul’s journey.

I hope you will give me the opportunity to read for you.



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